Public Utilities

The City of King Public Utilities are responsible for allowing water to get from the treatment plant to the customers tap.  This means taking care of over 50 miles of water lines that vary from 2 inch to 16 inch diameter piping.  Along with making sure water is recieved to every customer, the City of King Public Utilities are responisable for all waste water lines within the city limits.  14 pump stations collect waste from households, bussinesses, schools, churches and all buidlings within the city limits and pump raw sewage to one collective pump station.  There, public utilities personnel work at the pump station to remove soilds that are not dissolved before pumping the waste water to the City of Winston Salem Lower Muddy Creek Waste Water Treatment Facility.  All pump stations are checked once a day to enusre all equiptment is running properly, and are cleaned from debre that might build up and cause problems.  As such, the public utlities inspector checks all new water and sewer taps, reviews and inspects sewer manholes and all grease traps that are required to be cleaned and emptied by resturaunt's and other businesses.