Solid Waste

Household Garbage

     Waste Management collects the City of King’s residential garbage.


    The new service for residential garbage collections will now be CURBSIDE ONLY. Residents will need to place their 95-gallon roll out cart curbside by 7:00 am on your collection day.


     If you are in need of special services due to a disability and cannot get your cart to the curb, please contact our office at 336-983-4832.


    Only Waste Management roll out carts may be used for residential garbage collection. Other carts/containers will not be emptied. The new Waste Management roll out carts will be provided to you at no cost.


    Thank you in advance for your patience as we transition to a new garbage collection vendor. If you experience any problems/issues with the new garbage collection service, please contact us at 336-983-4832 between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

The City provides the following services for single family city residents and does not include “for profit” businesses including apartments and apartment complexes. The “for profit” business is responsible to provide any needed services to their customers/tenants.

Brush Pick Up

Brush is scheduled for pickup on Mondays year round. The schedule may be altered on account of weather, holidays, or vehicle maintenance.
Brush must be at roadside by 7:00 a.m. Monday morning. In order for us to provide the most efficient service possible, the following guidelines must be followed.

·         Limbs should not exceed 6 feet in length. Truck equipment is limited by limb length.

·         There must be at least 12 inches between piles to allow equipment room to pickup individual piles.

·         Groups of only a few very small twigs should be placed in yard carts as the equipment cannot pick up excessively small twigs.

·         The diameter of the limb trunk should not be greater than 5 inches

·         Limbs can be stacked as high as 6 feet high, or higher if physically possible without being dangerous to you or others.

·         Truck is not limited by stack height.

·         Place brush parallel to the road edge with all limb trunks facing one direction

·         Due to equipment limitations, brush cannot be picked up if under power-lines, under trees/or over hanging limbs, beside mailboxes, vehicles, etc. Be sure to put brush pile in appropriate locations where the truck can easily access it. Combine and maximize piles for most efficient use of equipment.

 • Click here for Illustrated Instructions

The brush is mulched and cannot be picked up if they contain items listed below.
The following items will NOT be picked up:

• Stumps
• Construction materials
• Household garbage

CONTRACTORS: Limbs and trimmings (from trees and shrubbery) cut by landscapers, tree service contractors, or other commercial workers which are a “for profit business” will not be picked up. The contractor is responsible for removal and disposal .This expense is part of the contractor’s business.

Yard Carts

The City sells yard carts at cost to pick up the following items:

• Grass clippings
• Twigs
• Vines
• Small Brush
• Flowers and garden waste


Note: Waste must fit in cart with lid closed

The following items will NOT be picked up in yard waste carts:

• Household garbage
• Trash of any kind
• Bags of any kind
• Fruits
• Vegetables

Yard waste is mulched and therefore cannot be picked up if items other than those listed for pickup are in the cart.
Yard carts will be picked up every Wednesday. The schedule may be altered on account of weather, holidays, or vehicle maintenance.

A yard waste cart permit is required annually for this service.  Permits are $50 per cart per year (August 1 through July 31) and are issued as a sticker that must be placed on each cart to be serviced.

City residents may purchase up to two (2) yard carts by calling 983-4832 Monday - Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Residents are responsible for the maintenance, repair & replacement of carts.

Leaf Pick Up

Leaf pick up begins the first of November and ends in January. Leaves are picked up using a vacuum truck. During leaf season it could take approximately 5-8 days for the leaf truck to make a complete pass through the City. The schedule may be altered on account of weather, holidays, or vehicle maintenance.
To assist with leaf collection please remember the following:

• Leaves should be in an organized pile that runs parallel to street edge.
• Do not have leaves in the street or on the gutter line on the street edge.
• Do not block roadway, sidewalks or drainage areas
• No grass clippings
• No household garbage
• No bagged items
• No vegetable or flower garden items.

White Goods

White goods are collected, curbside, once per year. Typically, the City uses one week in April to collect the following items:

• Washers, dryers, stoves, etc… (Appliances)
• Tires off of the rims
• No furniture of any kind
• No gas grills

The City will advertise in the local newspaper and post a notice on this website the specific dates for white goods collection each year.

FOR INFORMATION ON THESE SERVICES CALL: 983-4832 Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.