Fire Department Inspection Schedule

In order to preserve and to protect public health and safety, and to satisfy the requirements of General Statute 152A-364 and General Statute 160A-424, political subdivisions assuming inspection duties shall have a periodic inspection schedule for the purpose of identifying activities and conditions in buildings, structures, and premises that pose dangers of fire, explosion, or related hazards.


Fire Department Inspection Schedule

The City of King Council has adopted the following inspection schedule:


Annual inspections:
Hazardous Occupancies
Institutional Occupancies
Assembly Occupancies

Residential Occupancies (except for one-and-two family dwellings and only interior common areas of multifamily dwellings)

Industrial Occupancies
Educational Occupancies (except public schools)
Business Occupancies
Mercantile Occupancies
Storage Occupancies
Churches, Synagogues, places of Worship
Miscellaneous Occupancies


Please refer to the Fee Schedule section for questions regarding Fire Inspection Fees.


If you have questions on what area your business is in, please call our office (336)944-6868 and speak with Assistant Chief Brad Cheek.