Arson Awareness

Arson Awareness

The City of King Fire Department would like to increase public awareness of arson. The following are a few facts about arson. 

  • Arson is the second leading cause of death by fire in the United State--topped only by smoking--and the main cause of property damage due to fires.
  • Arsonists kill more than 700 people a year and inflict direct property damage totaling more than 2 billion dollars.
  • One of every four fires that occurs in the Unite States each year is arson related.
  • Arsonists often escape punishment. Only 16% of arson offenses lead to arrest, and only 2% are convicted.
  • Arson is the leading cause of death for pre-schoolers, accounting for 85 of every 100 deaths.
  • There appears to be a growing link between arson and illegal drug activity. Early reports of a study by the National Fire Protection Association indicates that one-fifth to one-fourth of reported arson cases in major cities are drug related.

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