Fire Safety Checklist

Fire Safety Checklist

Any "no" answer can be a hazard.

1. Is there at least one smoke detector on every level of your home?

2. Do you and your family know what your smoke detector alarm or building fire alarm sounds like?

3. Are your smoke detectors tested regularly?

4. Is there a fire extinguisher in your home, and do you and your family know how to use it?

5. Does your family have a fire escape plan posted that shows all the exits from your house or apartment?

6. Have you and your family had a fire drill at home to be sure you would all know how to escape if you had to?

7. Does everyone know two ways out of every room in your house?

8. Does everyone in your family know where the meeting place is outside in case of a fire?

9. Does everyone in your family know to get out quickly and to stay out of a burning building?

10. Do you and your family know how to call the fire department in case of an emergency, and is the number posted near every phone?

11. Are matches kept in a metal container away from heat and away from children?

12. Are all matches, cigarettes, and cigar butts carefully extinguished before disposing of them?

13. Do all smokers at home know not to smoke in bed?

14. Are stoves, broilers, and other cooking equipment kept clean and free of grease?

15. Are the fuses or circuit breakers adequate for your home?

16. Are all electrical cords in good condition--not frayed or worn?

17. Are extension cords kept out from under rugs, carpets, and off nails and pipes?

18. Is only one appliance or device plugged into an extension cord?

19. Is the heating system in your home inspected annually by a qualified technician?

20. Are furnaces, stoves, and flupipes properly maintained and inspected?

21. Are curtains and clothing kept away from stoves and heaters?

22. Are spaces around water heaters, furnaces, etc., free from combustible materials and flammable liquids?

23. Are gasoline and other flammable liquids kept in approved safety containers and not in glass or plastic containers?

24. When you employ babysitters, do you instruct them in what to do in case of fire?

25. Did your entire family take part in completing this checklis