Brush Truck

Brush Pickup

Brush Pick Up:

Brush is scheduled for pickup on Mondays year-round. The schedule may be altered on account of weather, holidays, or vehicle maintenance.
Brush must be at the roadside by 7:00 a.m. Monday morning. For us to provide the most efficient service possible, the following guidelines must be followed.

  • Limbs should not exceed 6 feet in length. Truck equipment is limited by limb length.
  • There must be at least 12 inches between piles to allow equipment room to pick up individual piles.
  • Groups of only a few very small twigs should be placed in yard carts as the equipment cannot pick up excessively small twigs.
  • The diameter of the limb trunk should not be greater than 5 inches.  Items larger than 5” in diameter will not be picked up.
  • Limbs can be stacked as high as 6 feet high, or higher if physically possible without being dangerous to you or others. The truck is not limited by stack height.
  • Place brush parallel to the road edge with all limb trunks facing one direction, do not place brush in the roadway. Brush left in the roadway will not be picked up.
  • Due to equipment limitations, brush cannot be picked up if under powerlines, under trees/or over hanging limbs, beside mailboxes, vehicles, etc. Be sure to put brush pile in appropriate locations where the truck can easily access it. Combine and maximize piles for most efficient use of equipment.
  • Each residence is limited to three (3) piles per week per household.

The brush is mulched and cannot be picked up if they contain items listed below.
The following items will NOT be picked up:

• Stumps
• Construction materials
• Household garbage


Should you, as a resident of the City of King, ever have questions about your brush pickup, please call the City of King Public Works Department at 336-983-4832, Monday - Friday 8am-4pm.


**CONTRACTORS: Limbs and trimmings (from trees and shrubbery) cut by landscapers, tree service contractors, or other commercial workers which are a “for-profit business” will not be picked up. The contractor is responsible for removal and disposal. This expense is part of the contractor’s business. Any property owner caught trying to dispose of contractor’s waste could incur a $500.00 penalty per offense. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.