Building Inspection

Building Permits

City of King Building Codes


The city currently use the NC State building codes. This would cover building, plumbing, mechanical, gas, electrical, fire, residential, energy, existing buildings and manufactured housing codes. See NC Department of Insurance.

NC State Building Codes

The city accepts request for inspections Mon. – Fri. 8:30 am to 5:00 pm via call in at 983-8265 or by fax at 983-2669 or by walk in. The city, by ordinance, has 24 hours to perform the inspection from the time it’s called. The Inspections Department is located at 229 S. Main Street in the City Hall Building.

Permit Fees & Requirements

Building permits are required to erect, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish, or repair a structure or electrical, mechanical, or plumbing system. This includes everything from a storage shed, decks, and garages to commercial buildings, signs, and residential dwellings. Applications for a permit may be obtained by phone or by clicking on the link. A completed copy of the application must be submitted with each request for a permit. If applying for a residential permit you will need a completed application, 1 set of plans, and a copy of the septic permit if this applies. If applying for a commercial permit you will need a completed copy of the application, 3 sets of plans, and any state approval permits. The city currently issues permits with a 2 -5 day turn-around.

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