Lt. Boyette

Special Response Team

The King Police Department's Special Response Team (SRT) was organized in 1997.  SRT is an elite resource utilized by the King Police Department and other jurisdictions to protect our community and to save lives during critical incidents. Members of SRT are patrol officers, detectives, supervisors and commanders, who volunteer to perform the functions of tactical officers in addition to their normal duties. They are trained, equipped and prepared to perform those functions regardless of inicident type, location, weather, or any other conditions.
Mission Statement

The Mission of the Special Response Team is to preserve life during critical incidents by providing an effective and controlled response to high-risk circumstances through specialized training, equipment and tactics. 

SRT Core Values and Team Motto

  • Character 
  • Honor 
  • Valor 
  • Fortitude

The motto and guiding rule of conduct for Special Response Team members is "Semper Volentes", or "Always Willing".
Response Capabilities

The Special Response Team has vastly enhanced the department's level of response capability to critical incidents, resulting in increased safety for the entire community. The Special Response Team is trained and equipped to professionally deploy for the following:

  • Barricaded subjects 
  • High-risk search warrants 
  • Hostage-taking situations 
  • Suicidal subjects 
  • Surveillance operations 
  • Man-tracking and Woodland Operations

Selection Process
The Special Response Team's record is one of success. Professional standards are one of the reasons for that record. Exemplary officers who desire to volunteer for the Special Response Team must successfully complete a selection process that meets, and in many cases exceeds, national standards. The process includes a rigorous physical assessment including a 1.5-mile run and a tactical obstacle course, review board interview, written examination, an advanced pistol qualification course, and a psychological evaluation.  In addition, the officer must not have had an accidental weapon discharge at any time, nor any significant disciplinary issues.  If selected, successful candidates are then eligible to attend mandatory S.W.A.T. school.
Once an officer has become a probationary member of SRT, he or she must maintain the team's high standards in order to continue to serve.
Much effort and progress has been made since 1997 to explore every avenue of possibility to simultaneously equip the team for success and save taxpayers' money. The result of that effort has been a gradually expanding inventory of over $209,000.00 of specialized equipment acquired through non-budgetary means including grants, donations from generous citizens and businesses in the community, government surplus equipment programs, and drug seizures.
In addition to an effective selection process and specialized equipment, SRT members have received world-class instruction in high-risk operations. Their operational readiness is maintained through regular, relevant training topics, including:

  • Advanced firearms skills 
  • Entry techniques 
  • Hostage Rescue techniques 
  • Critical Incident Management 
  • Operational Planning 
  • Negotiations 
  • Man-tracking skills 
  • Vehicle apprehensions 
  • Legal Issues 
  • Chemical and Less-Lethal Munitions 
  • Unarmed Defensive Tactics