bank building
Old Farmers Bank Building at Main St. and Dalton Rd.



In May of 1983, the community of King incorporated to become the Town of King. In May of 1986, the charter was amended changing the Town of King to the City of King in the hopes of being a full-service city in the near future. The final piece of the puzzle was added in 2000, when the city took over the existing volunteer fire department.


The city now offers all major services to its citizens and surrounding property owners. Services include – Police and Fire protection, Water & Sewer services, Planning & Inspections services, a Public Works Department that oversees streets, parks, garbage collection, and public buildings, Senior Center, Recycling Center, Parks and Recreation services.


The City Council, in December of 1984, adopted a five-member planning board and a one-mile extraterritorial planning jurisdiction (ETJ) to aid in the development decisions of the city. In September 1984, the city’s first zoning and land use ordinance was adopted.  In July 1985, the planning department was formed. The Planning & Inspections Department functions in three distinct ways: 1. As the city’s short and long-range growth management branch 2. As the administrator of the city’s code of ordinances and policies regarding growth management & zoning. 3. As the enforcement branch of the NC State Building Code regulations.


The planning department assists the citizens of King and its ETJ in assuring that the quality of life is protected through good growth management practices. By working together, we have built a strong community with peaceful residential areas, attractive business corridors, a revitalized downtown and a strong tax base.