Solid Waste

 The City of King's Public Work's Solid Waste division is responsible collection and managing of household waste, white goods pickup, brush was and pickup, yard waste and pickup as well as leaf pickup within the City of King city limits.  Any disruption to any service will me advertised via social media and the city's website.


Household waste:

The City of King's household waste is collected by Foothills Waste Solutions.  Garbage cans are provided to each household by Foothills Waste Solutions and must follow these guidelines in order to be collected:

  • Placed at pickup location before 7am of the scheduled pickup day
  • All garbage must fit into can and can not be set out beside can
  • Can should not be placed in areas that cannot be reached by  personnel or equipment without unlocking or opening a door, gate, or any similar obstacle, encountering a dog, or otherwise being denied reasonable access by parked vehicles, yard tools, and equipment or other similar objects.
  • Household trash which has a sharp or jagged edge to it, such as glass, some metal, or brittle plastic, shall be wrapped, bundled, and put in plastic before it is put into the receptacle for collection.
  • All residences requesting a back yard level of service, as a result of disability, must complete and certify on a form provided by the city that All occupants of the dwelling unit are disabled and unable to bring their garbage receptacle to the curbside of the street and A licensed physician's statement attached to the form for each occupant applying for this service, certifying the respective person's disability in performing the task of bringing such mobile garbage container to the curb.


White Goods:

White goods are collected, curbside, once per year. Typically, the City uses one week in April to collect the following items:

• Washers, dryers, stoves, etc… (Appliances)
• Tires off of the rims
• No furniture of any kind
• No gas grills

 The City will advertise via social media and post a notice on this website the specific dates for white goods collection each year.


Should you, as a resident of the City of King, ever have questions about your household waste service or white goods pickup, please call the City of King Public Works Department at 336-983-4832 between 8am and 4pm, Monday - Friday.